FAQ on Website Design

Website Design Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions.

I want to have a website as soon as possible, how long will I wait before it is done?

We always try to develop websites according to an agreed upon time frame with a client. If you require a website ASAP, you will have to contact us in order for us to provide you with a valid timeframe that will be based on what kind of website your require, you must bear in mind that we can develop a simple website within two days.

Can you design a website based on my idea?

Yes, when a client is able to provide us with rough ideas on what they would like from their website it makes it easy for us to be able to create a website that will meet the requirements. We have a list of websites we have done based on customers individual requests and we have a catalog of websites that you could see to gain some inspiration for your website. Be sure to get in touch with us and request a free estimation on custom website design to easily get started.

I don’t have a logo for my website, do you guys offer logo designs as well?

Yes, besides website design we also offer customers branding solutions for a constant look and theme for your website from business card to website. It is important for companies to keep a consistent look for their brand and we have helped many customers with their logo’s and website design at the same time.

How do I request custom website design for my company if I live far away from your offices?

We work with many customers remotely. We can have a Skype meeting with all our website designers who will be responsible for the design of your website. We usually prefer to communicate via email, telephone and online chat including through Whatsapp. You could set an appointment with us in order to visit our offices if it is important for you and we will be happy to meet up with you!