Electronic scrap yards Soshanguve

Electronic scrap yards Soshanguve, e-waste buyers

Electronic scrap yards Soshanguve, e-waste buyers.  Do you have an old or broken device collecting dust in the cupboard?  Are you unsure how to dispose of batteries and circuit boards?  Call us now!  We have the solution for you.

The environment is taking a knock from unwanted electrical parts.  Landfills are becoming overcrowded with rubbish.  Like circuit boards and computer monitors.  Also, leaving out disposed cellphones too.

Companies and people try to keep up with the times.  Old technology gets dumped and can cause harmful hazardous effects.

We are changing that.  Our company leads the way to a better environment.  By taking your e-scrap and recycling it. 

We do it the safe way!

Electronic scrap yards Soshanguve
E-Scrap buyers Soshanguve

We recycle electronic scrap yards Soshanguve

We recycle electronic scrap yards Soshanguve. So, it means we use the metal and parts from old devices like PC keyboards.

For example, a broken PC box contains a lot of components like plastic, metal, wire.  Possibly even gold.  These parts once shredded.  Then a separating process begins.  Thereafter, things like metal are sent to companies that use it for new goods. An example of just one of the many things that we do.

We sort through and break down old cellphones or DVD players.  Plastic from these devices or metals is sent to a plant for re-purposing.

Guaranteed e-scrap dealers

Our company is guaranteed, e-scrap dealers.  Because electronic scrap yards Soshanguve knows your privacy is important too.  We have set in place regulations to protect your information.  For instance, any machine that may have your information will be wiped clean.  To keep our customers safe, we also issue certificates of proof.

As it is in the best interest of everyone, we are E-WASA accredited.  It is a non-profit organization that helps manage e-waste productively.  It safeguards you and us!

You have the right to know what happens to your electrical waste.  We make sure we are transparent about our practices.

As we are committed to honest service, e-waste yards Soshanguve is proud of our work ethic.

Contact us now for any unwanted devices you think we will use.  For more information, our friendly agents will assist you.

Electronic scrap yards Soshanguve
E Waste Soshanguve

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